DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

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Re: DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

sensibill wrote:

Yeah, I have to say this is a very non-scientific comparison since you are using JPEG from one camera vs. converted RAW from the other, using different programs.

I see slightly better color from the Sigma, but the fuji is out-resolving it despite the AA filter discrepancy. Notice the fence structure up by the flag on top. The DP cannot resolve the individual bars, but the X10 can.

But again, not really conclusive given the disparity of formats and apps. Good effort, though - very similar images regardless and it shows the power of the X3, given how old that configuration is.

No I think you inversed the pictures in your judgement. Actually, the DP2X have far more accutance than most existing APSC, even the nex-7. The x10 is nothing compared to it, especially when it come to PRINTING.

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