I just watched the 1st video Fuji guys ... wow

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Re: Have you ever used a camera?

Do you know how hard is to use a small camera with a big lens?

big hands are to the left of the sensor (if you look at the bayonet side) I was talking about space to the right that is wasted, and about depth of camera body. Fuji actually has larger changeable grip for big hands, so it's not a problem. I believe OVF could be placed just above bayonet, slightly to the right (like canons G series), but it would ruin iconic rangefinder look that fuji is chasing. They could have at least added additional battery compartment, and make battery larger.

This is how NEX 7 looks in reality: and this is with a prime lens.

Size of lenses is aspect of lens construction. I was talking about body. 24 mm is wider lens and has different space constraints/compromises/considerations compared to longer focal length lenses. I think Sony/Zeiss lens is larger because of cost cutting and sensor's maximum light angle. Fuji's 35mm 1.4 lens construction would work fine on nex body, if reengineered for 0.5 mm longer E mount.

I believe NEX 7 works for large hands as good as Fuji, if not better.

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