I just watched the 1st video Fuji guys ... wow

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Re: I just watched the 1st video Fuji guys ... wow

It's actually very funny camera if you think for a while. It has flange back distance shorter than Sony NEX cameras, but it's much bulkier. All the space under OVF right to the sensor, and half the space behind the sensor is basically wasted to make camera look like classic leica-like rangefinder, to please DERPITY DERP rangefinder lover demographic. It has smallish battery and battery life comparable to NEX cameras. People would say that this bulkiness was needed for making zoomable OVF, but i think it's not true. There are lots of space under top cover, enough for zoom mechanism and hybrid LCD. And I don't believe one needs extra 30mm of empty casing for needs of ergonomics.

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