D100 or D70

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Re: D100 or D70

Why not the D2X or the D200? Usually half the price of the D2X. However Ronnie G (RIP) liked the D100 for close up work and the D200.

The D100 has a different low pass filter to D200, but Nikon said ". The new low pass filter retains image sharpness, which tends to be sacrificed with the D100, and reduces moiré, making this new camera (D200) easier to use than the D100."

And Thom "Once again the anti-aliasing filter seems to have been tweaked. It doesn't seem quite as relaxed as the D70 and D2h, but it isn't as aggressive as the D1 series or D100. The D2x and D200 seem to both be smack dab in the Goldilocks spot of anti-aliasing"

However weak filters have their own problems:

Nikon said: D200 "It also features a new optical low pass filter with infrared cut coating that prevents images from having a red cast, making it easier to reproduce colors, such as the moss green or brown of a cloth colored with vegetable dye, that are very difficult to reproduce with current products.

Very detailed review of D2X V D200 here


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