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Re: D100 or D70

You're right: they are very similar. So it doesn't really matter. I'd get the D100 ... it's more pro-oriented. The D100 will have a little more in common with the D1 than the D70 will have in common with the D1.

The D70 will be slightly easier to use since it has some "dummy" modes on the dial, if that appeals to you at all.

The D100's image quality is better than the D1's image quality. The color is nicer, the noise is more controlled, there's no banding or pitting issues at high ISO (some D1's had banding/pitting problems at ISO 800 and over).

The D100 has a more plasticy construction than the D1, though. It's not as solid and beefy as the D1.

If you can afford it, you might also want to look at the D1h or D200 or D80.

The D1h operates quite a bit speedier than the D1, but it has the same number of megapixels (2.7mp) as the D1. The D1h has better color since it has sRGB and AdobeRGB color modes while the D1 only had the odd NTSC color mode.

The image quality on the D200 and D80 is a step above the D1, D100, D70 and D1h.

uafgrad wrote:

I am looking into upgrading from my D1 to either a D70 or D100. They look very similar in stats, though I'm not sure how frustrated I would get without the vertical grip.
Please share with me your thoughts between the two

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