24mm or 28mm - Normal Prime lens selection - help!

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Re: 24mm or 28mm - Normal Prime lens selection - help!

cympoints wrote:

Hello, appreciate advices/opinions on 2 questions:

I have funds for one good PRIME lens for my NEX-5N (I currently have the 16, 1855 and 18200).


I have the CV 28mm f2. It performs really well on the 5n with no colour or corner issues and sharp across the frame from f2.8 really sharp above f5.

No quite as sharp at f2.8 in the corners on the nex7. It is a bit tight at 42mm indoors but fine outdoors.

Consider Olympus OM 24mm f2.8 (36mm equiv) I borrowed one and was so impressed I just bought one. Also have Oly Om 28mm F2.8 - almost as sharp as the CV 28mm just one stop slower - price of Cv £500 price of Oly 28 - £40 !! depends on your needs.
You can get an Oly OM 24mm F2 but these are collector items and big bucks!

Sure the Zeiss 24mm will also perform well on the 5n

Other lenses I have used that have been good on the 5n are the Olympus 50mm F1.4, CV 25mm F4 and CV 15mm f4.5 (no magenta issues).

Recommend the latter for really wide 22mm equivalent.
Sadly not good on the nex7 - magenta edges and soft corners.

Hope the info helps.

I am looking at the CV 28mm/f2.0 but is worried its FOV is too tight for general uses (as a everyday lens) as this is basically a 42mm FF-equivalent FOV. I am therefore thinking of a 24mm lens that will be 36mm FF-equivalent on the NEX.

Appreciate advice on what is better for use as a general everyday-use lens. If 28mm, I will go for the CV 28mm/f2.0.

If 24mm is more useful, I am looking at either the CV 24mm/f4. 0 or the Carl Zeiss ZM 24mm/f2. 8. I know the price/quality of these two lenses are not the same but it will be between these two. The CV is a pancake but 1-stop slower. The CZ ZM is 1-stop faster but bigger. I can live with both - I just need to choose one!

The question is: Does one stop makes a difference at FL of 28mm or 24mm? If there is some good difference, I will go for CZ ZM. If not, I will go for the CV 24mm pancake.

Appreciate any comments. Thank you.

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