G1X's sensor size

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Re: I bet it is 3:2 - Bummer it is 4:3

migus wrote:

Peter, I wanted you to be right, because the 3:2 yield is still as you corrected me, lower than the 4:3, and it also better matches the current 16:9 screens. As consolation prize, the actual sensor has a larger area than our 3:2 alternative, and the lens is somewhat smaller for this slightly taller 4:3. But OMG, what a hulk of a 'compact' for such a slow lens... ;-(

The bulk is expected. Really there is no way around it if you want half decent quality on a large sensor.

But 4:3 now? Why? Even Nikon when 3:3 with it's tiny 1" sensor in the J1/V1.

I am sure we ended up with 4:3 on compacts because consumers had 4:3 TVs and computer monitors back then and it nicely filled there screens, but today? Go 3:2 and signal a more professional aspiration, a better match for your DSLRs.

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