Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

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Re: Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

I looked at Leica x1, fuji x100 an Ricoh gxr 28mm before settling on Leica x1. I switched from a canon dslr with some nice and heavy lenses.

My decision was more based on personal preferences as to handling than any significant dIfferences in image quality. My advice to you is to handle all three cameras, preferably side by side at a store that carries all of them, because they handle so differently. Ricoh is by far the fastest in operation, an a bit faster to focus in af, so it will be best for street work, I think. Downsides to me were That it is an unknown (to me) company, and that operation is button-based, not dial-based. Also, it is 28mm and I prefer 35mm look.

Between Leica and fuji, both are slow, but the operation of Leica is much more polished than of fuji. for fast-paced street work, its really probably ricoh or nothing, though the others are ok for non-fast paced work. Leica can set mf at a specified distance, dont know anout the others. Also, fuji has that hardware bug where aperture gets stuck at widest setting on some cameras.

All three cameras will give you great photos. I think that if you are shooting in raw wih post- noise reduction and printing at 13x19 or smaller, you are unlikely to notice major differences in high ISO among these cameras.

I chose Leica for handling an 35mm view. So far, I like it and it helped that I got it used in mint condition at a great price. If I had to pay $2k for Leica, I probably would have gone with Ricoh. I still might ... But I think that fuji is overhyped for what it is.

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