A77 - how did I miss this? No tether support.

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I agree completely. Sony should have actually jumped into the sandbox with Capture One folks when they were launching the A900. That didn't happen for whatever reason - and that really hurt their chances of being taken seriously in studio. Tethering is NOT a specialty option anymore for these camera classes.

RichV wrote:

I own a Promote Control for my Canon gear: it allows you to automate any kind of exposure bracketing, focus stacking, hyperfocal calcs, interval shooting, etc. - i.e. it's fantastic: you don't have to worry about what kind of bracketing the camera manufacturer didn't provide. I wrote to the company about a version for Sony cameras, and they wrote that their engineers were trying to make that happen. Later they sent an email saying it was not possible because Sony (unlike C/N) doesn't write to the memory card when tethered - and that it could be remedied with a firmware update.

This kind of product seems like a no-brainer for those who own Sony products but are unhappy with the dearth of these kinds of exposure features.

And yes: tethering should exist for ALL Sony models. The A77 is supposed to be their flagship APS-C model, so I can just assume that - as with bracketing, etc. - Sony's simply ignorant of its value to photographers (unless "flagship" is supposed to mean "flagship P&S," which there's more than a bit of evidence for).

So yes: please do complain to Sony - and please ask them to also enable writing to the card when tethered.

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