A77 real info please

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Re: A77 real info please

My suggestion? Well, I don't have an a77, so I can't give you information on it's performance. However, I suggest renting it for a period of time!


You can rent it for a period of 4-90 days. You can also rent various lenses as well!


Same with Canon or Nikon (just click the 'Sony' tab in the upper left and it will return you to the full menu)

Perhaps you know about this already, or already thought of this but, hey, you never know.

horseracingphoto wrote:

I keep reading reviews on the A77 some positive other negative (seem to be a lot anti sony), so finding it hard to get a proper idea if it will meet my needs, I read other posts that end in arguements, not interested in bashing one system with another, I am hoping for real world experiances and info.

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