Thinking of moving from MFT to NEX5N or NEX7. Need advice.

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Re: A few reasons you are wrong.

Lars wrote:

And that a bigger sensor makes it easier to also have a better sensor is not questionable. Results prove that it also is the case in reality.

Not really, look at the FF sensor in the M9, aside from low ISO it is behind even m4/3 when it comes to high ISO quality.

Which you claim without any evidence for the NEX5n.

I have seen samples with the NEX-5n to be satisfied with this but if you want to fully use this lens then a GXR Mount A12 is the way to go and no way this lens is worse than the 16mm Sony pancake which I used on the NEX-3.

It is huge because like the Distagons it has a tele-centric design to avoid color shift and corner smearing.

Looking at Samsung and M lenses it is possible to build a small and very good quality lens as long as you build the sensor to work with these lenses, again see the GXR Mount.

And yes, reading from respected professional sites like SLR gear review or Luminous Landscape, it plays in a very high league. Looking at Rob Skeochs pictures, it does_perform better than the Zeiss 25ZM on the NEX7.

The Zeiss M lenses don't perform well on the NEX-7 but this is due to the sensor and not lenses, add microlenses as Ricoh has done and you can build smaller and better lenses.

MFT has the bigger lens selection, which is normal after being on the market for much longer, but also only a few great ones so far.

Well, they have the Nokton f0.95 25mm, the Leica f1.4 25mm and f2.8 45mm macro, the Olympus f2.0 12mm, the Panasonic f4.0 7-14mm, Panasonic 8mm fisheye, Panasonic f1.7 20.

These are all great lenses, the rest is mostly crappy kit lenses and slow tele lenses but the NEX has these, too but none of the great ones.

Apart from less convincing 16mm samples, I see no poor lens in the NEX line up.

The kit lenses don't really have award winning IQ and are too slow for any low light shooting. The only interesting lens for the NEX is the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 in my view.

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