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Re: Question for anyone who has had both cameras?

alexisgreat wrote:

Thanks, Boo! So it isn't even necessary to shoot in 8 MP mode, and a massive image quality improvement can result with lowered sharpening and noise reduction at full resolution also?

Absolutely yes, full res can be used with good results (and more detail) when the light is suitable, I found it gave slightly more detail for landscapes.

I often just leave the camera in 'M' size which gives very low noise images for a superzoom (with access to PASM), the dynamic range is my second most used EXR mode.

I've also heard to set it to Astia mode, which improves noise levels considerably (specifically chroma noise, even better than Provia does.)

For JPEGS I prefer Astia because I think it has the contrast/colour about right, Provia can be very useful for shadow detail but can look a tad flat in certain light, the film 'bracketing' mode is very useful for times when you aren't sure.

The most important thing is to crank the noise reduction down and the sharpening to at least half and then gently adjust in PP though even then this isn't always necessary.

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