Will Sigma announce a mirrorless camera at CES?

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Re: Will Sigma announce a mirrorless camera at CES?

I think they would sell like hot-cakes, (if there is not some weird problem, like super slow reaction time or some weird noise issue) especially if they make an adapter to use SA mount lenses. It would be like the Sony NEX series, but with the capability of using lenses from other manufacturers (not that people would buy many of those lenses, if Sigma makes three or four good micro-4/3 lenses to go with their micro-4/3 camera).

Then Sigma could finally come out with a full-frame camera, to follow up the SD1. They could call it the SD1F or something. It could be a little bigger, with a bigger mirror box and viewfinder, have a 60 MP (20x3) sensor, and it could basically have all other specs the same as the SD1. It could sell for $8,995. It would sell just as slowly as the SD1, but it could be discounted as they like, and it would catapult Sigma's name into an even closer-to-Leica position. It would make big splash, no doubt. I think if they did that, there would be more SD1 bodies sold too, because people would start to accept the SD1 for what it is more, rather than thinking of it as over-priced, which it definitely is not, if compared to the Lieca S2 system (which many think is over-priced, but which has not equal). The Sigma cameras may finally start to be accepted as being in a class of their own, like the Leica cameras.

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