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Re: put up or shut up, Peter

Artichoke wrote:

petertan1959 wrote:

so far your posts suggest you have little experience & in reviewing your only offerings on the web, the closest to action photography you have attempted is the slobber about to happen from this dog

the example above was for a 1st sample shot using a canon fl 58 1.2 @1.2! you ever held a 1.2 lens? the amount of clear focus gap is less than 2-3 cm!

the photos that you posted above are grainy even in b/w!

your silly comments about grain and BW demonstrate your naivety

grain is an important element of BW photography & folks even shell out money to put grain into their monotone photographs through software

grain when taken INTENTIONALLY using film is a fine art form. But when present due to lack of ISO capability of the camera is a negative sign for the camera.

as I noted in my post, many folks prefer BW photography, which has many advantages over color

wow that is an excuse if i ever heard one! please go buy yourself a copy of Time, Newsweek TODAY and see how many BW covers are there?

no magazine would buy it now when placed side by side with a shot from a nikon or canon!

dubious statement
both the M8 and M9 are accepted by Getty and all other major image houses

as a percentage of users, I'd venture to guess that Leica is in the hands of more pros and finds its way into more magazines than Canon or Nikon

Really? how can that be if 90% of the DSLR market are covered by canon,nikon,sony? the other 10% are divided into the other japanese makers sicne Kodak has just gone belly up. you mean to say that with a market share of less than 1% has the capability to beat the canon,nikon,sony share? WOW

certainly there is no lack of top tier pros shooting Leica Ms

the only one you mentioned in your post is unfortunately Dead?

when you are talking of action photography, the subject in focus should be SHARP with other parts of the image less sharp or even blurry depending on the style.

if the face of your subject is not even clear then that is a lousy action shot.

we are not impressed with your photographic erudition

if you were to look closely at the image of the young marching girl, leaping in the air mind you, you would see eyelashes in focus
rangefinders rock for action if you know what you are doing
some folks can't even get a still dog's face in focus using auto assist

i usually post here when i have some questions with my shots hence i post them as example with some settings that i may have with that shot. ha ha the difference with your gallery is that these are your BEST SHOTS!

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