Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

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Re: Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

If you'll be content to shoot with the 35mm equivalent lens, the X1 is a superb camera. And if I'm reading you right, you're 86 and still at it? Good for you!

I have the X1, it's my only Leica since I sold the M8.2. Image quality is superb. It is small, handle very well, and the twin dials on top make any shutter/aperture change nearly instantaneous. It is a camera for photographers, not gearheads.

The auto focus is slower than the ones in state-of-the-art small cameras. I have the Panasonic GF1, which is almost identical in size, and its AF is nearly instant compared to the somewhat leisurely X1. But you need to decide what's most important for your type of shooting.

If you do decide for one, a viewfinder is very helpful. I use an old Voigtlander mini, which has frame lines that are perfect for the lens. Others use the Leica VF or a Voigtlander 35mm finder. Using one is just about like shooting an M camera, because you can see the whole scene in front of you. Once the AF locks on, a little green light lets you know you have focus and you snap the shutter.

In practice I've had almost no occasion to lose a shot that I would have had with the M8.2. And in reality, the higher sensitivity of the sensor lets me take clean files all the way up to 1600, with 3200 quite nice too. That's 2 stops faster than the M8 could practically manage.

I say all this with full disclosure, that the Fuji X1 that's about to come out looks like it will be the bee's knees.

Good luck with your decision, either one will be a great camera to use.

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