My T2-NEX adapter, finally!

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Re: My T2-NEX adapter, finally!

sean lancaster wrote:

That's really, really neat. I was in South Africa in the past year and saw a meteor shower that was gorgeous, but it was also so neat to see so much of the Milky Way. Can you just put the 5N (in my case) on a tripod and get a shot similar to what you have of the telescopes and sky? Is there any filter or post processing required to get something like that with the sky so clear?

The JPEG from the camera is very close to that, I just tweaked the RAW to get rid of noise. The 5N is even better with high ISOs, so you should get better results.

The wider the lens, the longer you can set the exposure without getting star trails. The higher the ISO, more from the sky will be shown at shorter exposure times. Just play with those settings. You may need to stop down your lens just a bit to get rid of CA.

If you want to use a longer lens with longer exposures, you will need a tripod with a motor drive to follow the sky. This one was shot with a SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.4 lens at f/2:

And this is my tripod:

But that's a damn strong one (EQ5 mount tripod) to hold a lot of weight (9kg or almost 20lb). For just a camera, you won't need all of that. This one (EQ1 mount) could do the job just fine:

It can hold 3kg or almost 7lb. You can find cheaper options, but look for a tripod that can hold the weight of your camera and the motor drive.

Keep in mind that I don't know that website, the links are just for illustration. You may want to search for a local store.

And yes, the Milky Way is outstanding from the southern hemisphere. Thanks!

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