Print head "scratching" matte paper (Epson R3000)

Started Jan 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Print head "scratching" matte paper (Epson R3000)

I thought that the paper type setting was, in theory, supposed to set the gap appropriately for the paper as it does with the thickness. But I think you're right. I'll set it to wide from now on with this matte paper. (I guess any blurryness from moving the print head away from the paper shouldn't matter much since matte is already kind of imprecise.) And I'll be more careful about the paper guide. I'm used to the 3880 which I think IIRC doesn't have detents (notches it locks into) on the guide like the R3000. (I think the one on the 3880 slides continuously and "locks down" with friction only.) So I'll have to make sure to set it to the notch that's a little wider than the paper.

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