Canvas Enlargements with D700

Started Jan 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
krikman Regular Member • Posts: 417
Re: I print 40" x 60" often with my D300

I suppose to avoid any unnecessary software upsizing.
Printer itself upsizes it. don't do it twice.

I've tried many algorhytms for las 20 years and while some software in some particular cases can do the job, for most photo purposes it is better not to upsize picture.

But if resolution is low be free to increase sharpness and local contrast (clarity). For our eyes it is better than upsize.

And if you finally forced to upsize picture

  • try export from RAW convertor with enlargement and additional sharpness

or set preferences in photoshop "General-> Image interpolation-> Nearest neighbor", then upsize in Photoshop and use Unsharp mask filter.

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