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lovEU wrote:

CriticalI wrote:

Since car makers make many differentiated versions of a single car with different motors and other options, I wonder how much mileage there is for camera makers to do the same.

With their today's philosophy not much, I guess. That would be an approach for an "open source" camera, an approach which has been mentioned once in a while. Not sure how much substance there is behind already.

None I suspect. Too much "tuning" required. But there are no "open source" cars either. It doesn't stop them making multiple versions. In fact "platform sharing" in cars goes much farther under the skin.

Japanese camera makers end up trying to provide every function imaginable in one device, often at the expense of usability and weight. They are impressive but it seems a lot of people would prefer simplicity and dedicated roles in their gear. If they could achieve differentiation simply through model "platform" sharing they could make a lot more people happy.

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