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Re: It will not

Hotphotons wrote:

I don't think it has a significant impact on cost, it was developed as an add on feature to leap frog over the competition with models of comparable price that did not have the feature.

You may think whatever you like - cost hidden not in production, but in R&D. But to be honest, even if (never happens, for sure) they do identical bodies with video-enabled and video-disabled sensors, they surely spread R&D cost across all models. So sleep well - I will pay your bills anyway.

2. I do believe that video-enabled sensor somewhat compromised in still area

Any actual evidence for this?

It is impossible to produce "hard evidence" because there are no 2 sensors made on the same technology and one been still-optimized while other video-enabled. All comparison been done with gap in generation or even two - keep in mind that LV almost video in nutshell. This video required specific sensor design optimized for quick drain that does not do any good for floor noise. Plus they should watch temperature issues. I strongly believe that if they do still only optimized sensor on new technologies it will beat dust out of current ones. No-one "need" it, frankly even in bastardized form current sensors surpass previous ones with each and every generation. Sane people as usually loose.

3. That video button just irritate me

You will get used to it, its the way of the future.

Unfortunately you right, so relax, you will win. Only question what I have - where is freedom of choice?

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