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Re: I wonder

The biggest gotcha with you is that:

1) you speak too much

2) you judge people on no real basis

You said I do not know how to use my camera. Well, I had a look at your gallery, then checked the few pics I posted on Dpreview...I am sorry but (in fact no I am not sorry) but I think before concentrating on what camera has better specs you should spend your time out and try harder taking pictures.

Then, You said you paid more money for Leica that I will ever do in my life.

I especially like this second point because, first, you do not know me nor know how much I earn (but you are the first medium I meet).

Second, it seems you care for money too much with you word AFFORDABLE coming at every message.

And even funnier how you are now trying to make fun of me with your BIGGER/BETTER amount of $$$ you spent for Leica. This is finally the good example that you are full of non-sense.

Even your way of replying to my messages: taking each sentences and provide a reply to each of them...only teenagers and nerds do like this frankly.

Yes, I talked about teenagers because since the start, talking with you is like having a conversation with a 12 years old little boy: My camera is better than you! No it's mine! No it's mine! No no no it's mine!

about "lol", since you seem used to behave on forum like a nerd, I guess it won't be a problem for you to find its meaning.

How pathetic T.T (didn't know this one?: T.T)

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