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Guy Parsons
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Just get Class 10.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Burst shooting of RAW files is what I do.

What, so unsure that you need to bracket?

So, does anyone know if the 45MBPS cards give a performance boost on the GH2?

First it needs to be determined whether the 45MBPS rate refers to write or read speed, most card makers love to use big numbers and the read speed is always faster than write speed. Only the write speed really matters in a camera.

Of course the camera itself has speed limits so above a certain write speed card there would be no advantage seen. We never seem to get told what those limits are for each camera.

Cards vary from batch to batch so the only way is to buy a Class 10 (a safe choice) and see if it performs. Some brand cards, even though same quoted card speed, seem to be faster than other brands, and it may be a factor of the camera itself intruding in those comparisons.

Or should I save a few quid with a basic class 10?

Yup, try that first, if too slow (unlikely) then it's a good spare.

I realise multiple 8GB cards are safer, but I am have lost more cards than have failed on me!

Depends on where you are but 8 gig cards seem to be a sweet spot in price/size/performance. Just be careful and don't fumble card changes when in long grass!

Regards....... Guy

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