DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

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Tom Schum
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Re: DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

Thanks to all of you for your comments and opinions.

The two images at the HD level are visible below. If you are interested you should be able to download the 1920x1080 original images from my gallery but I don't think you'll get them by simply clicking on the images in this post.

Basically I compared these two cameras simply because I have them. They are similar in size and cost (I paid about $600 for my DP2). They both have good optics. They both use contrast-detect sensor-based autofocus (autofocus is the bane of my existence when I use my SD15). They are both excellent travel cameras, being rather mundane in appearance and rather small.

The DP2 is exquisite when it comes to image quality at ISO100, and I wanted to see how close I could get with my Fuji X10. The scene might not be the best one to use, but the two images were pretty well exposed, and taken within minutes of each other.

I think I could have done a little bit better with a raw version of the Fuji shot, but first of all I did not have the camera set up to shoot raw, and second I have not been anxious to learn how to use the Fuji raw conversion software (a version of Silkypix).

What astounded me about this comparison was the equivalence between the two in terms of resolution. The DP2 has the win when it comes to overall image quality, but for me the X10 beats it on convenience (not least because of the zoom lens).

What is also interesting to me is to see that when images are downsized to HD they retain much of the subtle aspects that are visible at native resolutions (such as the texture of the bricks in the DP2 version). I first began to notice this with a casual SD1 shot I took while sampling a friend's camera. The SD1 image effortlessly beat anything my SD15 could do, and this was clearly evident after downsizing to HD! Maybe it's just a subjective thing, but I noticed.

For these two images, there was a lot of processing (color, lighting, and sharpening) I did after downsizing. You are only seeing the end results, but basically I did what I could to make each one look its best while matching the other fairly closely. Without getting into full color-profiling (which I do not want to attempt) it's impossible because the color gamut is interpreted differently between the two. It's a set of decisions made by the manufacturer, and each set is different. One might match a single color in the image only to see the others become too far off the mark.

I've done other comparisons (even less scientific) between these two cameras and at ISO1600 or above, using manufacturer's processing software (no expensive third party stuff except for my $80 Photoshop Elements 9). In my opinion, the blotch free results of the Fuji are superior but the Sigma might still have the edge in basic resolution. It would be nice to see Sigma improve high-ISO performance and their JPG engine. One reason I decided to try Fuji was their excellent reputation for great JPG results right out of the camera. The other reason was high-ISO performance.

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