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Re: to add some flexibility to your armament will do you no harm.

James Bligh wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

CriticalI wrote:

That's all. Interesting. Not important, not significant, just interesting. No-one will die, the D800 will not change, the sun will come up tomorrow.

Of course, that would also have been the same had your 'poll' generated any useful information. As it is, the entropy of the universe has just been increased a little, without any payback in any constructive result. What does happen though is that the gullible think that nonsense like this does generate fact, and then they get confused/disappointed when the reality doesn't seem to match the factoids this kind of thing produces.

You do not have to be a politician but I think to add some flexibility to your armament will do you no harm. Rather it may bolster your position.

On what, exactly?

And you may remember maintaining a staunch policy for too long has heralded many downfalls in history. Of course you may think King's or Queen's servants do not need/afford that kind of luxury but you may investigate their fates and reach your own conclusion.

My own conclusion as to what? All I've said is that he can't derive any sensible conclusion as to preferences for pixel count and/or video from the 'survey' he's conducted, due to rather glaring methodological issues.

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