Epson R3000: two nozzles clogged, but can't tell in output

Started Jan 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Printer cleaning

Petruska: Thanks. I'm also wondering if borderless (full bleed) printing could be related to the clogging or the black ink that wiped off the print head when I printed my gradient sheet.

I have done a decent bit of full bleed printing lately and I'm kind of wondering if I should avoid that when possible if it's going to make more of a mess inside the printer.

Because my printer had an error during the initial priming (and dumped a ridiculous amount of ink, which Epson compensated me for thankfully) I also kind of wonder if that might have caused some mess. Doesn't seem like it should since it should have just gone into the waste ink tank, but who knows.

These things sure are picky about their environment. I think the priming failure could have been caused by the ink being too cold (having been outside in freezing weather during transport), and it looks like print head clogging is more of a problem with very low humidity.

The only other thing that I wonder about is that I had the printer on a sort of stand thing that was swaying back and forth a bit too much as the print head moved. I just took it off of that and put it flat on the table, where it doesn't sway to any visible degree.

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