POLL - which D800 model would YOU buy

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Re: Very interesting results so far - not

CriticalI wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Bob, have you ever learned to get a sense of perspective? Obviously not.

Where is the lack of 'perspective' in calling baloney baloney.

Baloney is just a word. In this context it is 'meaningless'.

Just corrected that for you. Amazing how just putting in the quote marks gets the sense right.

I know you think you know better than everyone, even about racing cars,

not everyone, but it seems I know better than you. Still, I'm beginning to realise that's nothing to get too conceited about.

but tell me how many "polls" you have run,

A tricky question. If you mean ones that someone else was paying money for, and the results had to justify that expenditure and be defendable against peer review, then probably not more than ten. If you mean people I've managed, supervised or had to sign off then some hundreds. If you mean little exercises I've done on DPR, two - I think.

or why I need your "seal of approval". I really don't. OK?

You don't need my "seal of approval", but I am entitled to comment that there are no 'interesting' conclusions to be drawn from your "poll".

This poll exists purely to satisfy my curiosity. It tells me what I wanted to know

It tells you nothing. If that's what you wanted to know, then you're doing OK.

and I think a lot of other people find it interesting.

Good for them, people find all sorts of things 'interesting'. Just as long as no-one thinks any new information has been generated by the exercise.

That's all. Interesting. Not important, not significant, just interesting. No-one will die, the D800 will not change, the sun will come up tomorrow.

Of course, that would also have been the same had your 'poll' generated any useful information. As it is, the entropy of the universe has just been increased a little, without any payback in any constructive result. What does happen though is that the gullible think that nonsense like this does generate fact, and then they get confused/disappointed when the reality doesn't seem to match the factoids this kind of thing produces.

Certainly not worth getting all steamed up about. So take a chill pill and accept a little imperfection where it has no impact on your life or well being.

You're the one getting steamed up. All I did was have the temerity to make a critique of you experiment. Seems that is more than you can handle.

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