Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

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Re: Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

Len_Gee wrote:

Not too sure about Ricoh but will do some research on that.

Want something really pocketable with top IQ hence my first choice being the Leica X1 for it's Elmarit lens.

The X100 is off my list ... I'd much rather have an X1 than that as I said before. I know you're looking for something that can AF, so the GXR's ability to be configured for M-bayonet lenses wouldn't likely be your best bet as that's entirely manual focus. But the A12 28mm and 50mm Macro camera units are quite compact and handy. I worked with the GXR using just these camera units for several months and found the image quality on par with my SLR (Olympus E-5 and Olympus pro-grade lenses).

GXR + A12 28mm + GV2 finder:

GXR + A12 50mm Macro + Leitz 50mm finder:

(Note that the focal lengths on these camera units are rated in equivalent 35mm ... optical focal lengths are 18mm and 33.5mm for the 16x24mm sensor.)

It's on the same order of size as the X1/X100. The camera plus 28mm, without the hood fitted, is easily pocketable in my jeans pocket. The 50mm doesn't retract much and is deeper as it is a macro lens with 1:2 magnification macro capabilities. Both lenses are terrific quality and f/2.5 maximum aperture.

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