POLL - which D800 model would YOU buy

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Re: Very interesting results so far - not

bobn2 wrote:

Bob, have you ever learned to get a sense of perspective? Obviously not.

Where is the lack of 'perspective' in calling baloney baloney.

Baloney is just a word. In this context it is meaningless.

I know you think you know better than everyone, even about racing cars, but tell me how many "polls" you have run, or why I need your "seal of approval". I really don't. OK?

This poll exists purely to satisfy my curiosity. It tells me what I wanted to know and I think a lot of other people find it interesting. That's all. Interesting. Not important, not significant, just interesting. No-one will die, the D800 will not change, the sun will come up tomorrow.

Certainly not worth getting all steamed up about. So take a chill pill and accept a little imperfection where it has no impact on your life or well being.

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