Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

technic wrote:

Despite the results being better than expected, I could never be happy with the image quality.

same here; just wait until - some years from now - 4K televisions and photo frames get more common for displaying pictures, instead of the current 1K (HDTV) or lower quality displays. Then they will see how crappy most cameraphones really are.

Maybe so. But my guess is that most will still be happy with their photos. I think sometimes we photo enthusiasts/forum participants think everyone in the world is as nit-picky as we are about cameras and photography. They're happy with snapshots, and that's fine. In fact, I bet pros with their good glass and fine cameras think my photos are snapshots quality.

btw, I got my daughter a photo frame for Christmas, but returned it.

Months ago I discovered you can watch all photos, even videos, uploaded to your Picasa Web Albums on her Roku player. At first it didn't work correctly, so I left it for a few months so the developer of the channel had time to work out the bugs. Now it's working like a charm. It's quite cool.
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