POLL - which D800 model would YOU buy

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Re: Very interesting results so far - not

CriticalI wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

CriticalI wrote:

D800s 12 votes
D800sv 8 votes
D800x 6 votes
D800xv 12 votes

Just as interesting perhaps.....

Want video 20 votes
Don't want video 18 votes

Want 36 MP 18 votes
Want 16 MP 20 votes

Draw your own conclusions folks, but it seems a pretty even spread to me.

What a complete load of baloney. You cannot draw those conclusions from the questions you asked. You gave people a set of options with different characteristics, and their choice will be made as a consideration of a combination of those feature. You can't then cherry-pick features from them and claim the responses related to them only.

Moreover, you have left unspecified a whole load of context which will affect the decision.
Have you ever learned properly how to conduct a survey? Obviously not.

Bob, have you ever learned to get a sense of perspective? Obviously not.

Where is the lack of 'perspective' in calling baloney baloney.

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