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Re: Al & all: an idea just occured to me...

jpr2 wrote:
...sort of obvious, trivial even, but since no one mentioned it yet...
just for the record:

  • what if, what we took to be an effigy of a jukebox, was meant to be a wooden model of a... cellphone? and not a simple one but rather a mobile with a smart camera?!!

  • then the encapsulated one is a simulacrum of camera screen, or rather image of what such a dummy camera just taken :D.

And the pointing finger gets another, and bigger meaning: 'to be that
of camera's operator'. Besides subscribing to the very old Dutch &
Flemish school paintings tradition:

although here, in Al's photo, the pointer is actually guilty of the
very same thing she points a viewer too = using a cell phone :P.

Just a comment, yet another, about meanderings of cognition!!


albobkin wrote:


thank you for the second, deepened look at a photo: very interesting interpretation..
For me this photo remains a riddle.

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