Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

gail wrote:

When I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens light show, I couldn't believe how many people were taking photos with iphones (stopping any and everywhere without regard to others walking behind them...causing traffic congestion ). They far surpassed the number of people who used compact cameras. I'm sure they'll be happy with the photos.

Of the hundreds and hundreds of people I passed from dusk through mid-evening, I only saw two with a DSLR and one person was using it with a tripod.

surprising, very different from what I see here in the Netherlands. Quite a lot of DSLRs around, and compacts far outnumber iPhones in use whenever there are general photo opportunities.

Despite the results being better than expected, I could never be happy with the image quality.

same here; just wait until - some years from now - 4K televisions and photo frames get more common for displaying pictures, instead of the current 1K (HDTV) or lower quality displays. Then they will see how crappy most cameraphones really are. Similar to watching VHS video on a current HDTV display. Of course many will still be happy with the quality, but some might regret all the info that was lost forever by using an iPhone instead of a real camera (including lost opportunities because of slow response, limited zoom etc.).

As for the apps that supposedly make iPhone pictures 'unique' or 'unparellelled' compared to normal photos, I don't doubt there will be many of those apps available in a few years on any tablet or similar device.

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