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tatanka wrote:

Robotwr wrote:


2) HDMI – Much better – no grain / less moiré
3) USB Incredible – The photos are crystal clear – Better than my PC!

This experiment is very encouraging – It suggests I could blow up my D7000 pix to 55” wide posters without pixilation. The camera performs even better than I thought.

Can anybody explain what causes the difference in reproduction quality using the various TV connections?


2) Digital, rendered by the camera.
3) Digital, rendered by the TV.

I guess I'm a little surprised that there's much of a difference between 2) and 3), but I suppose the TV is optimized to make JPG look good where the camera doesn't really know what it's connected to so may be more generic in it's output.


I had a similar experience this christmas. I got my parents a Finepix S1600 earlier last year, and the examples they sent me and the photos when watched on the camera display really gave me a bad conscience about this.

But then I tested the SD-Card slot on their new HD-TV (forgot the brand), and wow...

There was definitly some dynamic range compression and enhancement going on, a great difference to looking at the same jpegs on a computer.

The best comparision I can make is the difference between a bluray (tv-set) and a dvd
(computer lcd) or a vhs tape (camera lcd).

Not that this means the photos always look better, but it gives nice bright colours on a sunny day...

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