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oh looking at your gallery too is very impressive. bananas, skulls, keyboards, fire buckets...

you see we are photographing the same mundane subjects available to us in our everyday lives. maybe you are interested in bananas and have a fetish about photographing them. same with me maybe i have an obsession with leaves. so what right?

but the BIG difference between you and me is that i did not blow $10k to take pictures of these mundane subjects. i still have money to waste on laptops & lenses.

you are stuck with your primitive camera that costs more than a small house in hong kong!

you know if there is anyone happy it would really not be the leica owners. it would be the board members of Leica!

they are asking themselves how in the world did they fool so many people for so long a time!


BMW & Audi & Ferrari cars cost a fortune compared to a Toyota or Nissan.

But when you buy a Ferrari you have ALL the bells and whistles & power that you won't get from a Toyota or Nissan (although I would also doubt this).

you are paying a premium for a Ferrari because a Toyota has non of the 0-100 kmh in 3 secs acceleration. so it is ok to spend 10x the cost of a Toyota to get a Ferrari.

but in Leica's case it is the reverse! you are paying a premium to use antiquated sensosr, electronics (none to speak of) & design.

PS have you heard of the Emperor's New Clothes fairy tale? Try to read up on it tonight!

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