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Re: poor action shots

petertan1959 wrote:

wow another b/w......hmmmmmm

where is the color version????
probably very grainy???
to freeze your shot you had to use high iso? in daylight???

That's going to be a function of the light - lenses for Leica are not darker than anything else! If you are talking panning - then I've only had the camera for 3 weeks but here are a couple...

" width="640" height="366" alt="L1000357.jpg

" width="640" height="359" alt="London Taxi

As for high ISO, here's one from the first weekend at iso 2500 - I can't make out the image it's so grainy - and look at all those dodgy colours! The only processing here was a square crop:

" width="640" height="640" alt="L1000157.jpg

Admittedly it's not as good as a Nikon D700 or up - but it's not that far away!

hence you converted to b/w to hide the grains?

Not needed - check above

the fact that someone had to write an article about leica for sports means that NO ONE is using it for such pruposes because of its weakness.

Not true, it just means someone wanted to share - to be fair though I think that MOST sports pros would probably be using Nikon or Canon - longer lenses can help a lot with sports.

by golly, a $10k camera and you are taking pictures of kids?

Yes and landscapes and the streets and whatever else and you don't have a back pack full of gear?? Why not!

SO does this mean that there are no PRO sports photographers working for sports illustrated or NBA weekly that uses a Leica???

Again just with the sports.... I think that the lens length would be the issue there, not the quality of the camera - a top Canon or Nikon will just make your life easier there - but what percentage of pros are sports shooters? Photojournalists, wedding photographers, product photographers, portrait shooters, etc are all more likely - and you don't really give up a lot with an M9.

hmmmmm so where are the "Pros" that you are all claiming are using the Leica brand for their work????

I've just started using a Leica for mine - I'm not a full time pro photographer but I get more than enough to pay for my camera kit... I also know a wedding photographer and a photo journalist that have both been pros for decades that have always used Leica, Seal's latest album artwork was all shot with a Leica - then if you go back in history... Try to find names of greats that didn't use Leica - and also please explain how HCB took such dynamic shots without autofocus and high iso sensors...

End of rant

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