DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

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Re: DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

The next comparison will be between the DP2 and the Fuji X-Pro 1. Hard times for Sigma!

The X-Pro uses the NEX-5N/D7000/K5 sensor so will win on all counts, difference is that it's cosiderably bigger than a DP and is hardly anywhere near the same price bracket ..

I love Foveon colour and imaging and for me an original DP1 & 2 does that nicely - rather like buying two lenses with bodies attached, Sigma have still yet to make lenses in their focal lengths for the SLRs which get even remotely close optically - sad for the SD1 which really needs glass of that quality and at very best (in DP focal range) is hampered with the vastly overpriced, CA strewn wasteland which is the 17-50 F2.8 EX OS - they don't make a 16mm prime at all and the 24 F1.8 EX is Junk.

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