D4 no internal GPS? Seriously?

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Re: Reality is a bit more complex than that.

jfriedl wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

The software aspect must already be done because you can plug-in a Nikon GP-1 and geotag each image.


So, fact #1 = bogus.

Robin, it's much more complex than that. I was writing up a reply illustrating how complex that seemingly-simple change can be, but it grew so long that I decided to wrap it up into a post for my blog, so if you're interested in some issues you have perhaps not considered:


titled " In-Camera Geoencoding and the Nikon D4: Case Study In Product-Development Costs, Ignorance, and Naïveté "

I do wish Nikon had included it, but I understand why not.

Before you call me ignorant on your blog, you should get your facts straight. I refer you to page 346 of the PFD Nikon D700 Owners Manual.

There already is a GPS icon in the finder. It flashes when an external unit is searching for satellites, and is on when the camera is receiving GPS data. So, that paragraph in your argument about there being insufficient space in the crowded viewfinder, is misinformed. Also, look carefully at the Control Panel illustration (LCD) on page 8. See the GPS icon? Yup, it's there. So, the hardware and the software for driving them is already in place.

As for battery management options, look at page 215.

This leaves the on/off switch. If a dedicated switch on the body is just too much to ask, it can be added to the Shooting Menu and available for one of the reprogramable buttons. I've been involved in software development since 1980. Adding a boolean choice to a menu is not a huge project.

I think you need to retract that "ignorant" comment from your blog. It is offensive, and unjustified.

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