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Re: I wonder

When I read your analysis, I think you should send your CV to Leica and propose to work for them as a Strategy consultant.


Maybe most of the crowd are running after new bodies, with new features, new functionalities, new everything in one package...but I think Leica's core market is different. That is why it is a niche.

Here is what a niche market is:

By definition a business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers.

What adresses Leica that other systems do not?

  • Best built bodies ever

  • Native Leica M lenses to Leica M bodies coupling

  • Huge and bright OVF

  • High simplicity of use

  • Huge amount and best quality lenses thx to more than 100 years of history

  • Strong linearity of use and operability of their bodies (you use a M7 like you use a M9 and so on)

  • Film camera like shooting style even with digital bodies

  • Really small, light, discreet and high quality system overall

Sure, talking specs M bodies are not the best. But I think if one was running after Specs, he won't buy a Leica at all...but prefer a Canikon FF DSLR instead.

Just have a look at this forum and the threads it contains. Leica users rarelly open thread to talk specs...cuz it is not what matters for them. They prefer to open thread to post pictures and talk about images. That is the reason people who post pictures here, even if it was not taken with a Leica body, are generally really welcomed.

Only people like you come here and open thread to explain how bad Leica M bodies specs are comparing to other competitors. As you do not own a Leica body anymore, why worry? We are grown enough to decide by our own what to buy and continue the adventure with Leica or not.

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