Cosmicar 4.8mm f/1.8 C-Mount lens.

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Thanks for the correction mate!

fermy wrote:

Tesselator wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

So this is sort of like a 10mm lens?

Here's another way of thinking about it.

"Crop Factor" is determined by how much the sensor itself is cropping out of the image circle.

If the entire image circle is projected onto the sensor then there is no relevant "crop factor" at all. Or I guess we could say that it's a negative crop-factor and divide instead of multiply.

In fact, I'm probably getting between 4mm and 4.5mm by cropping to the extreme edges manually instead of cropping to the size of the intended video camera's sensor size.

Your wires are crossed. You are getting the same FOV as this lens would provide on its native sensor. Since it's 2/3" lens, the crop factor for its native format is 3.93. Therefore the lens has the same FOV as 3.93 x 4.8mm = 19mm lens on full frame. Probably actual FOV is slightly wider as most lenses are designed to provide coverage slightly exceeding the size of sensor/film.

Hmm, OK, thanks for the correction. I wasn't exactly sure.

So basically this is delivering about the same FOV as the 7-14mm would at around 8 or 9mm but with half the rez?

Pretty cool!

Too bad it's not APO.

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