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CFynn wrote:

stevielee wrote:

Let the new Fuji M-Mount games begin.....

Yeah I wonder if the rumored Leica APS-C autofocus camera is going to turn out to be a rebadged version of this camera with Leica cosmetics?

They are unlikely to be getting an APS-C camera made by Panasonic who are committed to m4/3

I very much doubt that a company such as FujiFilm would so easily hand over to Leica - it's superior technological advantage - especially to a company that Fujifilm appears to be directly gunning for. I think that FujiFilm's stategy is that they obviously believe (as I also do) that they can be very successful at competitively impacting and somewhat displacing the old Red Dot company in this area of the market -- with their own higher-quality, compact cameras - which should eventually be able to accommodate Leica's M-Mount lenses, and do so at a fraction of Leica's hugely uncompetitive pricing.

Fuji is poised to finally provide what many of us former Leica and Contax film enthusiasts have been longing for: with an AFFORDABLE, high-quality, portable camera that excels in taking images in difficult situations and conditions that very few cameras can optimally perform in. If this new X1 Pro is better than the X100 all around, then I predict that we will see not a trickle, but a flood of pro photographers and advanced amateurs/enthusiast flocking to this new system - perhaps making the X1 Pro as much of an instant financial and immensely popular "classic", as the X100 has been for Fujifilm since it was first released.

Leica has had a good deal of the higher-quality compact market all to itself for several years with the M8/9 series cameras -- especially for those who already owned Leica and Voigtlander M-mount lenses. And to my way of seeing the situation as it stands: Leica has somewhat failed to fully capitalize on this pent-up segment of the market because of it's base orientation as basically analog type of photographic company that (IMO) has had a certain degree of difficulty in trying to figure out how to fully and seamlessly integrate it's film era legacy and acumen - into it's in-house developed and produced digital cameras - and do so within a far more dynamic, technologically demanding, and rapidly changing digital era than the film era presented in a similar time span.

Leica has been dearly clinging onto it's increasingly anachronistic belief that the basic physical "mechanics", and external "materials" of a given camera are still the most important prime determinant of what makes a "premium" photographic tool in the 21st century - as was true with their almost all of their legendary and outstanding film cameras. Leica has also failed to fully understand the notion of modern "value-to-performance" equation -- as it pertains to all of the digital cameras available right now - including Leica's. When Leica was truly a singular "premium" camera that few could really match, this made perfect sense. Such is NOT the case in 2012 and beyond.

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