Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

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Re: Why can't they be even bigger than they are?

marcio_napoli wrote:

It must weight more than 1 kg, to balance well with heavy lenses, and to ensure a steadier grip when you are holding heavy zooms, in order to prevent camera shake.

That is one thing, true. I've often wondered if some lenses might benefit with tuned-mass dampening, though.

It's a marketing gimmick that every single pro on this planet will agree, but very few will actually talk about that in public.

That is another.

However, composites are something that I think are being ignored in camera manufacturing. Yes it is expensive, but the area is branching out in the cheaper forged composite method, and anyway, the high end lenses are are manufactured so slowly and in such low volume, you could tack on a few bucks to charge for composite housings. Lighter, just as strong, probably less sensitive to temperature. It's probably a pipe dream, but if paying for construction rather than features seems to be a dying art.


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