Say it Isn't So!!!!

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Re: poor action shots

wow another b/w......hmmmmmm

where is the color version????
probably very grainy???
to freeze your shot you had to use high iso? in daylight???

hence you converted to b/w to hide the grains?


the more you shot pictures from your Leica the more you are nadding nails to the leica coffin.

the fact that someone had to write an article about leica for sports means that NO ONE is using it for such pruposes because of its weakness.

by golly, a $10k camera and you are taking pictures of kids?

SO does this mean that there are no PRO sports photographers working for sports illustrated or NBA weekly that uses a Leica???

hmmmmm so where are the "Pros" that you are all claiming are using the Leica brand for their work????

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