Backups, external HDs or discs?

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Ooops, ran out of editing time. Carbon Copy Cloner +...

...pocket drives.

My needs are much less than Maggot's but the general idea is the same.

I have two USB2 pocket drives, they are partitioned the same as my MBP (go everywhere and act as desktop too with a Mac cinema screen) HD, and I back up at least weekly turn about.

I made full, bootable back-ups to both initially and now do incremental back-ups week and week about. Occasionally, I do a full back-up just to satisfy my paranoia! Carbon Copy Cloner offers a range of choices for redundancy and whatnot.

I have used these disks to "restore" when I've changed HDs (four or five times), when I've changed computers (three or four times), and when I've just been fiddling and wiped the HD to change the partitions (or just because I could and I'd had enough beers on a Saturday night and TV was awful and I wanted something to do!).

I keep one pocket drive under some rubbish in the garden shed (away from the house) and I carry the other with me wherever I go.

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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