I'm thinking of buying an LX5 (despite I have GF2)

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Re: I'm thinking of buying an LX5 (despite I have GF2)

I would suggest that you handle the LX5 and the Canon S95/S100 cameras. They all are very similar in IQ and speed, but the big difference is size. The Canons can easily slip into your pants pocket, the LX5 cannot. I had the LX3 (same size as LX5) and then got the Canon S95, within a couple of weeks I sold the LX3, there just wasn't any substantial reason to carry around a camera like the LX3/5 when you can get the same results with a much smaller form factor Canon S95/100, unless you just like having a bigger camera in your hands.

As you probably know LX5 starts at 24mm, S100 starts at 24mm, S95 starts at 28mm, LX5 has larger apertures as you zoom, but most reviews indicate Canons shoot better in low light, so its close to being a moot point, IMHO.

Good luck choosing,


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