D4 no internal GPS? Seriously?

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Re:Seriously? But you don't really want to face the facts...

RicAllan wrote:

We'll give it a shot but I know those who want to bitch and complain don't want to be confused with the facts...

Some possible reasons/factors:

Cost (1): Adding it to the camera (system) entails engineering costs. We're not talking about an Apple DOS, Windows, or Unix OS but a unique to Nikon (if not the camera) operating system. These engineering costs are amortized over the production run of the product. Even if it cost them no more to develop AND TEST than the P&S camera... that cost is amortized over a much much smaller production run. [One reason a comparison to iPhones and Androids is bogus... look at the production number difference over which the cost is amortized... and NO, the engineering for them is useless when applied to this specific camera.]

The software aspect must already be done because you can plug-in a Nikon GP-1 and geotag each image.


So, fact #1 = bogus.

Cost(2): While GPS components may be plentiful, that doesn't mean that they are of a form factor that will easily be squeezed into the new camera... thus often the need for a special component (which again becomes higher priced than it's standard packaged form because it's amortized over a smaller run.

Perhaps not, but cel phone units are rather small, and very cheap.

Size and Weight (1): In the camera, there is little spare room as it is Form factors of the available standard components likely aren't accomodated by existing available room. Sometimes adding things like these waits for a basic redesign of the innards...

Have you looked at how small these units can be? Compare that to putting a strobe in front of the prism.

Size and Weight (2): There ARE other features being added... they too can require space, engineering time, etc. So... there is competiton and priorities are likely assigned.

Weight? You gotta be kidding. Even the add-on units are very light.

Schedule: Any project will have a list of goals that are to be achieved. A good project will prioritize them and allocate time. Some get left off because their priority in relation to the other features/goals is just too low on the totem pole to be included with this iteration.

That's the point. A number of us think Nikon needs to move GPS up in priority.

Feedback from the user community: It just may be that Nikon DID do marketing surveys and the feedback from the user community as a whole put the priority of other goals/features ABOVE the GPS feature.

Possibly, but there are quite a few here who strongly desire it, and Google Maps is a good inidication of how popular it is world-wide. Turn on Photos in Google Maps and see that there are photos almost everywhere.

Footnote: Many of those so-called GPA phones ARE NOT really GPS. They use cell towers (not the GPS satellites) to triangulate positions and require a paid service to operate.

That's old tech. Get with the times.

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