Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

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Re: Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

Some 35mm full-frame SLRs were quite a bit smaller than a lot of DSLRs ... here's a D200 (red) superimposed over a 35mm full-frame ("FX") Nikon N8008s SLR (green-black). Look at that: the full-frame SLR is smaller than the DX DSLR!

35mm full-frame Nikon SLRs such as the FM2n are even smaller!

I think part of the reason is that the market (especially newcomers to photography who never used a compact 35mm full-frame film SLR) "wants" large cameras.

There is not as much diversity in the DSLR market as there was in the 35mm film SLR market because the DSLR market hasn't had as much time to mature ... the DSLR market is not as saturated today as the 35mm film SLR was saturated in its heyday.

As a result of the 35mm film SLR saturation (so my theory goes) there was a greater focus on niche SLRs, so large 35mm FX SLRs such as the Nikon F5 had a market that co-existed with 35mm FX SLRs such as the much, much smaller FM3a.

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