Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

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The F6 is a unique camera...

ohmydentist wrote:

For example, I compared F6 with D700. Overall dimension are similar, but when you look at their volume, D700 is chunkier.

I agree, but will throw this in as food for thought: I'm not sure any camera can match up ergonomically to the F6. To read more about this, take a look here:

Of specific interest to me was the following statement (with all due credit attributed to Tomohisa Ikeno):

The development concept for the F6 is "finesse..."

Among the five human senses, sight, touch and hearing relate to camera operation. These three senses can distinguish this camera's finesse. As a simple example, sight takes in the appearance of the camera body, and perceives with ease and precision every scene that can be seen through the viewfinder. As for the sense of touch, users feel the secure grip and surefire operability. Even the sounds of shutter-release and other operations provide a special sensation of quality. So what I mean by "finesse" is the comfortable, reassuring feel of flawless operation transmitted through these three senses."

As an F6 owner and regular shooter, I can verify this intangible he speaks of with the F6. I shoot it with the MB40 grip (with the Kirk L-Bracket attached) so it's actually the same height as the D3s (also with a Kirk L-bracket) when I put them side-by-side. But there's an intangible to the F6 that's unlike any other camera I've held or operated: it actually feels smaller. It's an interesting phenomena... The F6 has a skinnier 'front-to-back" proportion; where the rear of the f-mount/standard connects with the actual rubberized main body. When you wrap your right hand around the protruding main grip, your fingers "close in" a bit more, producing less stress on the hand. I dream of the day they design an F6-feeling DSLR.

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