Do bigger pixels mean less noise?

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Re: Forgive me if this has been addressed, but ...

morepix wrote:

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morepix wrote:

But I haven't seen anything about chroma noise, which is even more objectionable, and which, I doubt, can be reduced by downsampling.

Why would you think it would not be? Again, all the requirement is, is to compare photographs of the same size.

I'd think it would not be because chroma noise occurs over large areas (blobs of blue, blobs of yellow) whereas luma noise seems to be a per pixel phenomenon.

They both come from exactly the same source. At the sensor there is just noise, and the pixels are filtered red, green and blue. there is no separation between 'luma' and 'chroma' noise. That only occurs in processing, and since the eye resolves less detail in colour vision, the chroma channels are filtered far more, resulting in a smoothing out of the sharp noise patterns to 'blobs'

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