Why are DSLR bodies bigger than film era SLR?

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Why can't they be even bigger than they are?

Please, don't take it to the wrong side of things, but why do some folks seem so obcessed with size, bulk and wheight ?

I mean, D# series are just 1 kg cameras. 1 kg is really nothing at all, I simply fail to understand this...

I see this too often in DP review.

Professional cameras are not meant to be light in any possible way, they must survive a lot of beating.

They're not meant to be the snapshot nor the vacation camera, sorry if you kinda expected them to be light.

Camera makers must pack professional grade cameras with all the goodies, even if it weights an unbearable 1 kg.

And if you value your photos enough to care for professional level IQ, you may also embrace some extra grams.

Besides, I've personally met 45, 55 years old gentlemen that can lift 200 kg in the gym (I know, incredibly fit indeed), and one of them can run more than 8 miles without sweating.

That's just my 2 cents any way.


Marcio Napoli

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