Our out of warranty experiences - Ricoh Convar service centre in Germany BEWARE!

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Our out of warranty experiences - Ricoh Convar service centre in Germany BEWARE!

I don't know who but clearly some biased fanboy didn't like that truths about how badly out of warranty repairs sometimes are being fumbled or fooled up, too often, reached the daylight and simply requested a cover up by the admins by complain about that other old thread which now have been swept away completely in a dirty way to desperately hide unwanted publicity about what is going on.

I don't really care who it was which was behind that recent cover up even though I have some which I suspect to be guilty of that. Some of them acted more politically correct than others. Now that is not what this thread is going to be about as I don't care enough to find out who.

In this thread we are going to share our experiences with that Convar service regarding our out of warranty repairs I don't find the need to discuss within warranty-repairs as these almost always seems to go well unlike these which are out of warranty which is the problem.

I bought a Ricoh 400G wide as used to mainly use it for simple-underwater pictures but got the hang of some other features which I didn't know about when I first bought it. A good copy of that camera is very silent overall. Everything, from button-click, zoom, focus-noise, shutter and it handles quite nicely which makes long exposures quite usable occasionally. The image quality is merely ok but can also be very useful if it is handled the correct way.

What I found was a great camera for stealth and silent snapping without disturb or getting in the way of people. Almost like some kind of digital black Konica Hexar AF with stealthmode enabled. I've not used that camera myself so I don't know exactly what it is like but have read quite a lot about it, user opinions and thread about it, mostly at Rangefinderforum, So at least I've got a good idea about what it is like. Probably only the bulky big size could bother me enough not to buy a used one if I ever decide to use film again.

Whenever my 400G wide had been fatally damaged by mist I didn't hesitate very long to find another one, especially not after having tried out its successors which none of them quite managed to live up to the same silent operation. The 500G/SE got closest but have a noisy AF, at least my copy and are definitely bulkier. For me the 400G was the perfect combination of bulk, image quality and features which made good sense to me. No wonder that I wanted to have another one in capable condition work with..

And that was the problem and still is Another problem is that it is not easy to find as used even on ebay as it is very a unusual model which probably not sold way too well as it is quite niched, aimed for industries and construction sites. I can only guess that they've got stuck in work there or quite some time. Probably until that dreaded Sony 3mp ccd goes totally crazy or the camera faces some other death so that them have to look for a new replacement.

While I had almost zero ccd problem with my first 400G I wasn't that lucky with the next used one which I bought.

As can be seen it already suffered badly enough with not only mad vertical banding in images with strong daylight or sun. It could also randomly produce all pitch black frames when the light was strong although not quite as strong as in these pictures.

And that with a Panasonic SD 2gb class 6 memory card which worked flawlessly in my first 400G. Both flashed with the latest firmware to be found.

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